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Great for college

We got these for our son who went to college - and he says the sheets are very very nice! Plus, he hasn't destroyed them in the laundry yet so I'm happy all around!

High-quality sheets

I've never made a big online purchase until finding MSR. The King in Navy is such high quality.

About to sing a love song at night

I love my sheets and am shocked by how much I can love a product!

Works for husband and wife

My wife is cold blooded, I'm warm blooded, and we both are super happy in the sheets.

Thought it was hopeless

I am such a bad night sweater and the Regulator Sheets are the closest thing to a miracle for me.

Coolest sheets ever made

These live up to the hype.. They truly are the coolest sheets ever made.

Happy with my purchase

I cant say these keep me 100% cool but they are FAR better at regulating temperature than any other sheets I've tried.

Cocoon status achieved

If you want to feel like what it's like being in the softest cocoon, I recommend that you purchase these sheets.

Great Sheets!

Want to feel like a millionaire? You don't need to spend that much. I always wake up feeling like a million bucks after a night sleeping on My Sheets Rock's sheets!


Pregnant and really happy my husband gifted me these sheets!

Highly recommend

Highly recommend this sheets company! Taking one star since it's a bit pricey!

Nice feeling

So far so good

I found the best bamboo sheet company

I sleep REALLYYY warm and have tried a lot of bamboo sheet brands. I have had my MSR sheets for 3 months now and they still sleep so well! In fact, I think they are even better! My Sheets Rock is by far the best bamboo sheets brand!

my review

I've always wanted black silky (but not silk) sheets for my bed and found these to be absolutely perfect!

perfect sheets

I heard these on a couple posts and the hosts were so insistent on saying how great they were. I really wanted to try them out since I sleep really hot and suffer from night sweats! These sheets have been great - they really regulate temperature and are so cooling! PLus, I love the way they feel!

Love it!

Sheet perfection!

I'm a happy hot sleeper

I'm HOT. By that, I mean, temperature HOT. And I often wake up sweating. Because of this, I've done everything I can to try to sleep cooler! I read about these in Men's Health and then tried them! WOWSERS - they are cooling and soooo amazing!


I really don't know how these sheets can keep "hot bodies cool", but they work. Enough said!

These saved me

The Regulator sheets have saved me for the summer of 2023. I still can't stop talking about them.

The Regulator bamboo sheets

I found these sheets and know that can never go back. Goodbyeee old sheets!

blew me away!

These sheets from My Sheets Rock have really surpassed my expectations. I got them the end of August after reading that they were awarded the best sheets for NBC (and this is when it was hot) and even during the fall time, they have been so good to sleep in! There are so cooling, soft and comfortable!

10/10 would recommend

10/10 would recommend these sheets to any sleeper!

five stars

so soft and so smooth!

First grown-up sheets

I saw an editor review these on Cosmopolitan and they looked interesting. It was definitely worth the hype! I had questions which customer service answered, the ordering and delivery was seamless, the sheets were great and I was very happy that they are cooling and so so soft!

Review of the Regulator sheets

As a very hot sleeper who gets sweaty, my Sheets Rock makes me happy to go to bed every night.