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I am a HOT sleeper. I would wake up multiple times a night sweating, ripping my blankets off then getting cold and having to cover back up. I decided to finally invest in better quality bedding and splurged on these sheets. Last night I slept on them for the first time and I wasn’t hot at all. It’s the first night in years where I was actually cold. This is the best purchase I’ve made in years! I will never use any other sheets now that I’ve tried these. They do cost more than the sheets I would normally buy, but you cannot put a price on comfort and good sleep.

Sleeping like a baby!

Since I got these Regulator sheets, I've been sleeping like a baby! They keep me at the perfect temp and are SO SO comfortable!

worth it for the laughs

The box, the box!!!!!!!

great for hot and humid weather!

I live in the south and these are the perfect sheets for our weather! No complaints so far!

perfect for hot sleepers

No more sweaty nights for me!!!!!

super soft

Smooth and soft

just like a dolphin

I see why they're b-day suit approved!


A bit pricey but they are very soft

Fantastic feel

I'm the hottest sleeper and usually purchase bamboo sheets since they are known for their cooling properties. I've tried many and this brand is by far the best I've tried. Their box was delivered fast from California, and the packaging was AMAZING. I was so excited to try them because they felt so soft out of the box. THESE DID NOT DISAPPOINT! THey are cooling, regulate temperature and soooo soooo comfortable! I could not be happier!

best gift

got them for my mama for mother's day. She says they were the best gift and now wants to get more for her house.

I am pumped.

Who would have thought I would be writing a review about sheets, but here I am! I'm writing this because I LOVE THIS PRODUCT SO MUCH! These sheets regulate temperature and keep you soo cool.

happy sleeper

If you're experiencing some hot flashes or night sweats, this is the PERFECT comforter for you! I've never slept better

5 star

If you are ready to never get out of bed, get these sheets! The Regulator is so soft, so comfortable...all I want to do is be in bed all day and night!

Happy customer

These sheets will be exactly what you're looking for. They are silky soft (but not silky looking) and keep you cool! I love them!

cooling and breathable like they said

cooling and breathable

These did not let me down!

These sheets lived up to their promise! I was so excited to try these sheets after reading about them and they didn;t let me down! I'm a hot sleeper and they're cooling and regulate temperature! I now sleep very well!

Perfect sheets

Got the wrong size at first (my fault actually). Customer service was easy to work wit!

thin mattress

these sheets come in 16 inches. My boxed mattress was only 12 so I had to return them. Boo.

The best cooling sheets made!

I read about these in Apartment Therapy and had to try these after the editor raved about them! I really enjoyed these sheets! They regulated temperature, felt cooling and were light! I can't wait til the summer time when it gets super hot and I have these sheets at night!

my review

Truly the best sheets ever!

a happy hot sleeper

Ive always been a hot sleeper and had to peel my skin off of my bedding in the morning. I can't get enough of these sheets! Please make more colors!!!

cooling sheets!

Finally, sheet that do what they promise - these are so cooling!

navy blue king

I am a hot sleeper and I can see why these sheets are always sold out! They are soo cool, are comfortable!

5 stars

The best I've ever slept on!

Best sheets I've ever owned

I can't say enough about the comfort and cooling properties of these sheets. I'm a super hot sleeper and SWEAT! Like a lot. These sheets were designed for the hot sleeper in mind. They've kept me comfortable night after night.